Monday, December 29, 2008


Had Eggs Benedict at Cafe Lava in Melbourne (again).

Came back here to try the 'regular' eggs benedict. They call this 'Swedish style' here and use smoked salmon instead of pig.
YES: Eggs poached perfectly, really good muffin base, hollandaise was spot-on, decent spinach. Salmon was a good alternative to ham.
NO: I prefer ham to salmon. That's a proper eggs benedict. Sadly not an option here. Otherwise a fine breakfast. 8/10
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Jeff Metal said...

Looks pretty good, but yea, not sure about fish with the benedict, 'llow that.

Mookomatic said...

This dish made with (Smoked) Salmon should be known as 'Eggs Royale'. Sometimes it's served with Spinach for the veggies and that should be called 'Eggs Florentine'. So they shouldn't really be calling it 'Benedict for all the food geeks out there.....

Still look good though...