Friday, February 13, 2009


Had Eggs Bennedict with Niall at Blue Legume in the painfully posh Stoke Newington.
YES: L@@K! R@RE! KAWS Eggs Bennedict special! Check the criss-cross eye / chive effect. Massive. Eggs were runny, Hollandaise good. Muffin? Yep. All there. Check the KAWS eye things again! Dope.
NO: Salad on eggs bennedict. No!
Overall a good eggs bennedict. 8/10
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mysteriousal said...

I should start my own eggs bennedict blog. Do any of you lot actually eat eggs?

Jeff Metal said...

I heard now is not a good time for eggs. March is egg season. Expect the benedict intake to increase then.

But Kaws eggs!!! E-Bay that shit $$$!

S T A R S K I said...

wow! super rare! is this KAWS's limited edition? shall we hypebeast this?

hmmm... it ain't easy to find egg benedict here dude but.. i won't give up! will beat you with BKK egg benedict soon! ooi!

mysteriousal said...

I hereby retire from eggsbenaddict.