Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Had Eggs benedict at the Vatican City, with Pope Benedict XVI.
YES: The Pope is my homeboy. He's doing Lent at the moment, but took time out on Sunday to join me for Eggs Benedict. Did you know the pope invented Eggs Benedict? He Did! He's the grand master of it. This is the best eggs Benedict ever. Holandaise rich and creamy, slightly sour. One perfect egg, from the blessed womb of the first Dove. Melted in the mouth. Floury, blessed holy muffin and grilled bacon from a suckling (Holy) pig. The quest is over. On the seventh day, Pope Benedict created this.
NO: Bono only turned up and spoiled my morning. Fuck off U2, you bag of dicks.
Overall the best eggs benedict known to all of humanity. Amen. 10/10.


Jeff Metal said...

Christ! This is unbelievable! Seriously though, it's UNBELIEVABLE.

S T A R S K I said...


Morgan said...

Made by my own Godly hands :)