Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Franze & Evans Delecatessen, London

Went to Franze & Evans on Redchurch Street, near Brick Lane in East London with the dangerously delightful Danielle. She decided to go with this slight variation of Eggs Benedict made with organic eggs, on brioche with a hollandaise sauce and bacon on the side. Here's how she judged it:

GOOD: Eggs are nice and runny although I'm slightly scared of the extreme redness of the organic yolk! Hollandaise tastes ok too.

BAD: Bacon is way too fatty. Not enough Hollandaise and not at all runny, looks like grilled cheese. Brioche is a disaster combination, it's all soggy from the eggs and has none of the crispy and full texture of an English muffin.

Overall: 4/10 Not a satisfactory version at all, best to stick with the original.

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S T A R S K I said...

yummo!!! i miss egg benedict!!